More states, cities hit citizens with mask mandates amid delta spread: ‘We are all still in danger’

Even more states and cities are implementing mask mandates as the delta coronavirus variant spreads – while officials warn of “dark days ahead” and lament that citizens won’t “‘grow up and do what they’re supposed to do” by getting a vaccine.

The most notable universal indoor mask mandates this week come from Philadelphia and Oregon. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced Wednesday that the city is implementing an indoor mask mandate effective Thursday. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced a mask mandate Wednesday to take effect Friday.

“Masks are simple and they are effective. Wearing a mask should give you confidence that you are not infecting others,” Brown said at a Wednesday press conference. “Masks are also our best bet at keeping our schools and our businesses open.”

“The pandemic is far from over. It’s a disappointing reminder that we still have dark days ahead. Until more people get vaccinated, we are all still in danger,” she said.

People who are vaccinated are almost certainly not in danger from COVID-19. The coronavirus vaccines are extremely effective at preventing nearly all severe illness, hospitalization and death, even in the case of “breakthrough” infections. In the vast majority of states, vaccinated people make up less than 1% of hospitalized coronavirus patients, according to the New York Times.

Brown said part of the reason she decided to implement a mask mandate was out of exasperation with local officials who wouldn’t. Multnomah County, where Portland is, imposed a mandate that is also effective Friday. But, Brown said, “for the most part local elected officials were not willing to make the tough decisions.”- READ MORE