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  1. Wow! Dr. Kats has my attention. Thanks so much for putting that out. If it’s not too personal to ask, would you mind discussing your Niacin/Melatonin road to the “sweet spot?” Great find; great intel! This whole Paine Universe in all its facets, pays better dividends than stocks, bond, gold, silver, or platinum. Hats off to you! Thanks!

  2. Yeah, I bet sharing a bong with Dr. Kats would be quite a trip…literally. And he’s from UNC! Hey it just goes to show that we North Carolinians are into other things than doing IT doggie style, so both consenting adults can watch “Hee Haw” at the same time. Just sayin’.

  3. The “music” files (lectures and presentations) at the top of the Telegram Channel are GOLD.

    MUCH clearer!

    Thank you so much. Had no idea Melatonin was so important.

  4. Hearing Mike’s testimony and with his broken down body revitalized is proof enough for me . Just recieved my melatonin and scale. I ordered my niacin last week . Today wed the 15th is my start date . I will report back with results. Grateful

  5. Catch what he said about ivermectin there at the end? I haven’t heard much else about it.. started the protocol 6 days ago. Finally finding the sweet spot. Looking forward to seeing how things go the next couple weeks!