Many companies dropping vaccine mandate: ‘The rationale … had become weak’

Many global companies have quietly ended the vaccine mandates they once imposed on their employees and future hires.

According to a report from Axios, Goldman Sachs announced late last month that no employee, except those working in New York City, will be subject to a vaccine mandate as a precondition of their continued or future employment. That policy went into effect earlier this week.

And compared to other companies, Goldman Sachs is relatively late to the game. The international sports and footwear giant Adidas, based in Germany, dropped its vaccine mandates for all employees back in early February.

“Though no longer required, we strongly encourage all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” an Adidas spokesperson stated in an email at the time. The email also noted that all U.S. employees still had to report their vaccination status to the company. – READ MORE