Kamala Can’t Help but Burst out Laughing During Speech About Droughts

Vice President Kamala Harris was lampooned on Twitter after she inappropriately cackled while recounting how droughts ravaged her home state of California during her youth.

The unpopular VP committed her latest gaffe on Wednesday while speaking at a White House event addressing global water security.

“So, as many of you know, I am a daughter of California,” she said in a prepared speech. “And as a result, many things have probably flowed from that — pardon the pun — but one of them has been: I have been, my entire life, acutely aware of the reality of water scarcity.”

Harris continued: “I remember I was, I think, 12 — in middle school, about that age — 13 — when we experienced an extreme drought in California.  And I remember watching in the Oakland Hills, northern California, the landscape turning from green to brown.  And everyone — from my mother, our teachers, the radio DJs — KDIA ‘Lucky 13’ — (cackles) — saying how important it was to conserve water.”

You cannot overstate how tasteless and tone-deaf it is to crack puns and cackle hysterically while discussing a deadly natural disaster that endangers public safety and threatens the national food supply. – READ MORE