Great Reset: State Planning Harsh COVID-Style Lockdown in Event of Fuel Shortage – Leak

The Irish state is planning on reimplementing harsh COVID-style lockdown rules should the Ukraine crisis cause a major fuel shortage.

The Europhile government of Ireland is planning a return to draconian COVID-style lockdowns should a fuel shortage arise out of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, a leak revealed to the public on Monday has claimed.

It comes as ongoing hostilities between Russia and the West over Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine put severe pressure on the supply of fossil fuels worldwide, with climate crazy protesters in Europe also sometimes contributing to more local shortages by blocking essential oil infrastructure.

According to leaks described by the Irish Independent, officials have wargamed implementing compulsory work from home orders for non-essential workers, limits on so-called “non-essential” travel and strict speed limits on highways should the supply of diesel dry up as part of what has been described as a confidential “high-level planning exercise”. – READ MORE