Great Reset Rolls On: WEF Gazes Adoringly at California as ‘Climate Role Model’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is applauding California and its strict climate measures as a model for the world to follow, pointing to a recent decree specifying 100 percent of new cars must be electric, hybrid or hydrogen-powered by 2035 as one example of where the future lies.

Praise for the Democrat stronghold is contained in a paper published by the WEF with the exhortation “Learn more about how the state can be a climate role model for other regions.”

It goes on to cite “climate warnings from the IPCC highlight the urgent need to cut global emissions” while applauding “great strides” in California towards decarbonizing energy, although it adds a precautionary note that “greater investment is needed to scale up and accelerate the pace of electrification.”

Author of the paper is Pedro J. Pizarro, President and Chief Executive Officer, Edison International, and a Vice Chairman, Edison Electric Institute. – READ MORE