Google researches ‘pre-bunking:’ Like a ‘vaccination’ to ‘inoculate people’ against online misinformation

Google and Cambridge researchers released a study on pre-emptively debunking or ‘pre-bunking’ misinformation.

Google is experimenting with “pre-bunking,” the preemptive debunking of “misinformation,” in an attempt to “inoculate people against manipulation,” according a report released Wednesday.

“[S]ocial scientists from Cambridge University and Google reported on experiments in which they showed 90-second cartoons to people in a lab setting and as advertisements on YouTube, explaining in simple, nonpartisan language some of the most common manipulation techniques,” NBC News’ David Ingram reported.

He said the study was “part of a broad effort by tech companies, academics and news organizations to find new ways to rebuild media literacy, as other approaches such as traditional fact-checking have failed to make a dent in online misinformation.”

“In the days before the 2020 election, social media platforms began experimenting with the idea of ‘pre-bunking,’” Ingram wrote. “Interest in ‘pre-bunking’ misinformation has been percolating for a few years. Twitter used ‘pre-bunking’ on subjects including ballot security in the days leading up to the 2020 election, while Facebook and Snapchat put resources into voter education. Other efforts have focused on Covid misinformation.” – READ MORE