Food supply issues force Alabama schools to ask parents to prepare breakfast, brace for remote learning

Schools in Alexander City, Alabama have asked parents to begin feeding their children breakfast at home or sending them to school with snacks due to food supply shortages.

In an October 9 post on the Alexander City Schools Facebook page, officials explained that the city’s schools had not received food deliveries in previous weeks due to “suppliers who are short on supplies, drivers and even warehouse employees.”

Alexander City schools serve breakfast and lunch daily and the district warned that breakfast could be impacted more so than lunch in coming weeks.

Officials said that action had been taken to open accounts with other vendors in an attempt to diversify supply options.

“If possible, we ask that you feed your student breakfast prior to school or try to send a snack. Some of you have noticed our menus have not been updated regularly. When supplies do arrive, we do not always receive what we have requested; therefore altering the menus. This is a situation that is frustrating for you as a parent, and for us as well as our ability to feed our students is being greatly impacted,” the post said. – READ MORE