Federal judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors

A federal judge in Georgia has blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors, in yet another legal defeat for the president.

“A Georgia district court has ordered the federal government to temporarily stop enforcing the vaccine mandate for federal contractors. This nationwide halt is the result of our own lawsuit and marks the third of Biden’s vaccine mandates to be stopped by the courts,” Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr said Tuesday.

“We will continue to stand up for the rule of law to protect our state and our citizens from this unconstitutional and unprecedented federal overreach,” Carr said.

The vaccine mandate was scheduled to take effect on Jan. 4 and would apply to any company that holds a contract to work with the federal government, comprising nearly a quarter of the U.S. workforce according to Bloomberg Law. Major U.S. firms including Lockheed Martin Corp., Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc.‘s Google, and General Motors Co. would be forced to have their workers get vaccinated against COVID-19 without the option to refuse vaccination but submit to regular virus testing.- READ MORE