Emails Show Facebook Suppressed ‘Often True’ Information on Coronavirus Vaccines

In yet another revelation about the level of collusion between Big Tech and the White House, documents show Facebook not only attempted to suppress “incorrect” content related to coronavirus vaccines, but also took steps to curb the spread of “often-true content” on the subject.

The information came to light through a series of documents obtained by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, as part of a lawsuit that accuses the Biden administration of violating Americans’ First Amendment rights by colluding with Big Tech to suppress speech.

discussed “levers for tackling vaccine hesitancy content” with a senior advisor on Biden’s COVID-19 response team and the White House’s director of digital strategy.

In the email, the Facebook staffer, whose identity was redacted, acknowledged that in addition to removing misinformation, the company has been focused on reducing the spread of content that discourages vaccines, but does not contain actionable information. The staffer went on to state that this content, though “often-true,” can be framed in a sensational or alarmist manner. – READ MORE