Elon Musk Wants To Put Advertisements In Space

Having finally solved the problems of full self driving, putting someone on Mars, producing the Tesla Semi and the Cybertruck en masse, solar roof tiles blanketing the country and having finally finished his Hyperloop that can take passengers from NY to LA in an hour, Elon Musk is aspiring to take on another challenge: ads in space.

That’s right: Musk is apparently partnering with Canadian tech company Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) to make “space advertisements” a thing of the future.

Musk’s SpaceX and GEC are working together to try and create a satellite called CubeSat that would be used to “promote ads, art and logos,” according to The Hill.

“People and companies will be able to pay to place their ads there by buying pixels on the display screen with cryptocurrency,” the report says. In other words, Musk will be able to use the CubeSat to pump and dump Dogecoin, or whatever crypto he is touting that week to try and make it appear as though Tesla has had a profitable quarter. READ MORE