Elite Scientists Urge Africans to Eat Baked Goods Made of Insects

A group of scientists called the Malabo Montpellier Panel published a report in May that encouraged Africa to develop a “sustainable bio-economy” through such innovative techniques as making muffins and meatloaf out of flies.

The report, titled Nature’s Solutions: Policy Innovations & Opportunities for Africa’s Bioeconomyis the latest installment in the bizarrely persistent environmentalist craze to make people eat bugs. Waves of mainstream media articles about the value of insects as a “sustainable” source of protein appear every year, usually laced with complaints about the volume of greenhouse gas emitted by the livestock industry and from the posteriors of the livestock themselves.

For example, the New York Times extolled “The Joy of Cooking (Insects)” in February 2022. Time magazine explained “How Humans Eating Insects Could Help Save the Planet” exactly one year previously.

The Malabo Montpellier Panel argued in May that “rising costs of food, fuel, and fertilizer, as well as the longer-term impacts of [Chinese coronavirus] and climate change” make Africa the perfect laboratory for creating a new type of continent-wide “bio-economy” that would putatively feed its exploding population and create millions of jobs. – READ MORE