Don’t Tell the Democrats!!! Vote for Next Prime Minister Delayed Over Election Hacking Fears

The internal Conservative Party vote to choose Britain’s next Prime Minister has been delayed over election hacking fears.

Fears over a potential hacking of the Conservative Party leadership race election has resulted in the election being delayed while extra security measures are added to the ballot.

With heavily embattled leader Boris Johnson having eventually announced his resignation last month, members of the Conservative Party are now to choose between ex-Liberal Democrat Liz Truss and soft-on-China Rishi Sunak — both of whom are affiliated in some way with the World Economic Forum — for the position of Tory Party leader and, by extension, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

However, according to a report by The Telegraph published last night, this ballot has now been delayed after British state authorities informed the party that the poll was vulnerable to being hacked by what the paper described as “nefarious actors”.

While authorities reportedly claimed that there was no apparent specific party that they were aware of that is looking to hack the election, inherent vulnerabilities in the process meant that the likes of Iran, China, or Russia could in theory jeopardise the integrity of the vote.- READ MORE