Could Current Events Lead to the End of the EU as We Know It?

There have been almost 500 bombings in Sweden since the last election in 2018. The nation also has the highest rate of gun murders in the European Union (EU). Some see it as a symptom of answering the European Union call, led by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to let millions of refugees from Muslim countries flow into member states. In this year’s election, crime emerged as a top priority for voters for the first time.

As a result, Swedish Democrats (SD) garnered 21% of the vote. The SD is considered a far-right party in Sweden with rumored Nazi roots, despite years of party leaders rejecting fringe ideas. Now, as the Spectator notes:

But their agenda now cannot be described as right-wing extremism. And they had one great advantage: for many years they were the only party to criticise Sweden’s immigration policy. It’s not racist, they insisted, to discuss what’s going wrong, and this is a view that was increasingly widely shared.

The success of the SD will likely give Sweden a center-right prime minister from the Moderate Party. While Ulf Kristersson’s party actually lost ground in the election, the success of the SD will boost his coalition to a majority. And while Sweden and Italy could not be more different, Italy has a new conservative prime minister. As PJ Media’s Rick Moran reported:

The reason for the rise of (Giorgia) Meloni in Italy and the right generally in Europe is simply the failure of the left to govern as citizens wish. Politics usually isn’t rocket science. The cultural revolution is going over like a lead balloon. – READ MORE