Connecticut Looking to Hire a $150,000 ‘Misinformation Sheriff’ Ahead of the Midterms

Connecticut officials are looking to hire what has been described as a “misinformation sheriff” ahead of the 2022 midterm elections amid fears of the spread of what the elites consider to be election “misinformation.”

The $150,000 hire is part of the state’s larger effort to “educate” the public on all matters related to the elections prior to the midterms. A copy of Gov. Ned Lamont’s (D) midterm budget contends that “malicious foreign actors have demonstrated the motivation and capability to significantly disrupt election activities, thus undermining public confidence in the fairness and accuracy of election results.”

“To that end, the following funding is recommended for the Secretary of the State for a thorough election security program,” it reads, devoting $150,000 for an “analyst to monitor and combat election misinformation on a full-time basis,” as well as $2 million for a “public information campaign to educate and inform the state’s registered voters on voting how-to’s, including absentee voting.”

The misinformation chief, specifically, would be tasked with monitoring what the New York Times described as “far-right social networks” to “root out early misinformation narratives about voting before they go viral, and then urge the companies to remove or flag the posts that contain false information.” The Times listed 4Chan, Rumble, and Gettr, specifically, as a handful of examples. – READ MORE