Conflict of Interest? Biden Staffers Get $500K From Student Loan Bailout

“President Joe Biden’s $300 billion student loan bailout will benefit some of his political appointees to the U.S. Department of Education,” reports The College Fix, citing a report from a government watchdog group.

Some of those appointees possibly helped draft the policy given their influential roles in the administration, according to Tom Jones, founder of the American Accountability Foundation. He said “that a clear conflict of interest exists for DOE staffers who helped write the proposal.”

Jones said, “The fact that Department of Education staffers who could personally benefit from the student loan bailout are the same people who are crafting it is a conflict of interest and unacceptable.”

Jones argues that, “The President and the Secretary of Education should have excluded anyone who was eligible for the bailout from helping draft it.”

The American Accountability Foundation’s report notes that the “political staff at the Department of Education could personally benefit by up to $512,646 in forgiven student loan principal balances and forgone interest payments, if $10,000 in federal loans are forgiven.” – READ MORE