Cities Across The U.S. Refund Police Departments

Cities across the country are refunding police departments after nationwide “Defund the Police” movements last year led to law enforcement funding cuts.

Austin, Texas, was one of the main cities that took measures to shift or cut its funding last year.

As reported by the Austin American-Statesman, last year, the “City Council cut or reallocated a higher percentage of money from the police budget than any of nearly two dozen other cities nationally that significantly altered law enforcement funding at the time.”

The outlet also added that after a law was passed earlier this year in Texas, “in the 2021-22 budget, council members were forced to restore funding to the Police Department budget, which is at its highest ever at $442 million. The council also funded at least two cadet classes but said the department could do a third if it finds money in its budget.”

The Oakland City Council voted in approval of adding another police academy after previously approving fewer academies.

“In June, the City Council rejected Mayor Libby Schaaf’s proposal to fund six academies over the two years and instead approved four police academies in the city’s two-year budget,” The Oaklandside reported.  READ MORE

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