Chicago woman claims a squatter with a fake lease moved into her home and refuses to leave — and police say they can’t do anything

A Chicago woman is furious after an alleged squatter with a fraudulent lease moved into her newly-renovated home — and police told her they can’t do much anything to make the intruder leave.

Homeowner Danielle Cruz told WLS-TV recently that she and her husband bought the Chatham, Illinois, home with the intention of fixing it up and selling it. But before they had the chance, a stranger entered in and took up occupancy.

Cruz said she first became aware of the intrusion when a contractor the couple had hired to make some final fixes called to tell them that all the locks had changed — and that someone was living inside.

“We honestly thought he was joking because we knew the house was vacant. My husband just repaired the house completely with his own money,” she recalled. But when they went to check the place out, they discovered that the contractor was telling the truth: There was a young woman living in the home with all of her belongings. – READ MORE