Build Back Bummer: Biden’s Spending Spree Includes a Kill Switch for Your Car

Remember the good ol’ days of the Affordable Care Act? Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to learn what was in it? Yeah, that was great, wasn’t it? Good times.

Well, hold on to your seatbelts, sports fans. Biden’s infrastructure bill promises to be an even bigger piñata filled with objects usually found in your cat’s litterbox. According to an op-ed by former Georgia Representative Bob Barr, the package contains a well-hidden item: kill switches in cars.

Ostensibly, the device, whatever it is, will passively monitor the driver for indications of impaired operation and turn the car off if it decides there is a problem. If that isn’t enough overreach for you, get a load of this: The system can be accessed by third parties. That includes law enforcement, whatever government agency or company that thinks it has a right to monitor your activity, or your friendly neighborhood hacker who just wants to cause a little mayhem or extort you for as much cryptocurrency they can get you to cough up. Or a foreign power that decides it would be a good time to put the screws to American transportation. Given the success of the recent spam attack on the FBI’s email servers, I’d say an average mid-sized compact doesn’t stand  a chance. The government can’t even keep itself safe from a cyberterrorism, let alone your car. For that matter, how many times have you had to repeat yourself because Siri gave you every answer except the one you were looking for? I turned it off for that reason alone. Well, that and the thing gives me the creeps.- READ MORE