Biden Fumbles Baby Formula Shipment Announcement, Says Just ‘3.7 Bottles Of The Formula’ Are Coming

President Joe Biden made yet another gaffe Wednesday, announcing that the latest international shipment of baby formula from the White House’s “Operation Fly Formula” initiative would carry just “3.7 bottles of the formula.”

At the beginning of a meeting with major U.S. manufacturers of baby formula Wednesday, Biden gave short prepared remarks touting his administration’s ongoing response to the shortage. After noting two previous shipments that had already arrived, Biden stammered through the announcement of two more shipments from the United Kingdom and Australia that were arranged by the White House, including a 3.7 million bottle shipment from U.K.-based producer Kendal. But Biden flubbed the announcement, saying that the shipment would carry 3.7 bottles instead of 3.7 million.

“We’re here today to hear from these manufacturers and to get updates on the progress we’re making together,” Biden said. “The shortage of baby formula is due to the closure back in February of one of Abbott’s infant formula plants. We needed to take immediate action to stop contaminated—” he continued before repeatedly correcting himself. “We needed to take immediate action to stop contaminate— contaminated formula from hitting store shelves and putting American children at risk.”- READ MORE