Biden Didn’t Step Out Of His Beach House For Three Days, And The Media Didn’t Care. Pretty Weird, Huh?

President Joe Biden capped off his lengthy vacation without stepping out of his beach house for three straight days, and the self-proclaimed “defenders of democracy” in legacy media do not seem to care that much as to what exactly he is doing behind closed doors.

On Tuesday, Politico’s West Wing Playbook wrote a cheeky headline: “TRULY BIDEN HIS TIME (sorry)”

“All week/weekend long, the White House reporters camped out in Rehoboth Beach, Del., waited for Biden to leave for a nice bike ride or walk on the beach. And waited. But after decamping from Wilmington for his beach house in Rehoboth on Saturday evening, the president didn’t do much of anything,” Politico’s writers observed. “As of this newsletter’s publication, he hasn’t been out in public for three days.”

It is a bit weird, is it not? The president can go AWOL for three straight days, and the media does not blink an eye.- READ MORE