Biden administration quietly confesses killing Keystone XL hurt America

In a required report that was released without even any public notification, the Biden administration has confessed that the president’s decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline – part of his larger war against the American energy industry – cost billions and hurt families.

Fox News reports the details are from a “congressionally mandate report highlighting the positive economic benefits the Keystone XL Pipeline would have had” … “if President Biden didn’t revoke its federal permits.”

The report from the Department of Energy, Fox reported, confirmed the project would have created between 16,149 and 59,000 jobs and would have benefited America’s economy to the tune of up to $9.6 billion.

“A previous report from the federal government published in 2014 determined 3,900 direct jobs and 21,050 total jobs would be created during construction which was expected to take two years,” the report said. – READ MORE