Are You Ready for Some Frostbite? Tennesseans Cope With Blackouts While the Titans Have Full Power for Their Game

It must be nice to be an NFL owner. No need to concern oneself with the problems of the little people who are too broke to afford a ticket. In fact, who cares if they are struggling with rolling blackouts during one of the harshest winters in recent memory? If you are the Tennessee Titans, go ahead and power up the stadium. You’ve got a game to play.

According to NewsBusters, rolling blackouts left many Tennesseans in the dark and the cold on Christmas Day. Others were forced to limit their use of electricity. Nashville temperatures on Sunday were in the teens to the 30s, which put a strain on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s grid. So rolling blackouts were implemented. But not for the Titans. ESPN reported that the team did make the magnanimous move of postponing the opening kickoff:

Due to power outages and rolling blackouts caused by extreme cold in the area, the start of the Tennessee Titans’ 19-14 loss to the Houston Texans on Saturday was delayed by one hour.

The game kicked off at 2:02 p.m. ET.

Due to the extreme weather and power outages affecting our region, kickoff for today’s game has been postponed one hour to 1 p.m. CT,” the Titans said in a statement. “This decision was made in partnership with the NFL, Office of Emergency Management, Nashville Electric Service and the Mayor’s Office in an abundance of caution to ensure that the game would not negatively impact our community in any way. We are exploring every possibility to minimize non-essential power around the stadium. Gates are currently open and fans are welcome to enter.

At all times, the operation of the game remained secondary to the well-being of our community and we can’t thank the OEM and NES enough for their dedication to the safety of our neighbors.- READ MORE