AP called out for publishing interview with radio host who died years ago, issues correction

The error wasn’t corrected for two entire days

The Associated Press published a report Thursday about Miami conservative radio hosts objecting to the Democratic Party’s push to buy up Spanish radio stations in the area, and somehow featured a recent interview with a famous radio host who actually died in 2020.

The outlet confirmed the apparent discrepancy with a correction to its article two days after it was first published.

According to conservative commentator Giancarlo Sopo — who shared screenshots of the article prior to the correction on Twitter — AP claimed it had interviewed famous Miami radio host Martha Flores for the article and said her radio station was one of those that would be purchased in Democrat-backed deal.

Though as Sopo tweeted — and The Associated Press later acknowledged — Flores died some time ago.

Sopo tweeted, “I’m so confused by this article. The AP says it interviewed Miami Radio host Martha Flores on Wednesday, but she’s been dead for two years. How the hell did they pull this off? Séance? An ouija board? Did they hire a babalawo to talk to her?” – READ MORE