Afghan Official: Ex-President Ashraf Ghani Left with $169 Million, Interpol Aid Needed

The Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan for the former government of President Ashraf Ghani said Wednesday that he is seeking help from Interpol to arrest the ex-head of state over the embezzlement of tens of millions of dollars.

Ghani abruptly fled the country on Sunday following the arrival of Taliban soldiers to the city limits of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Less than 24 hours before his departure, Ghani appeared on national television in a pre-recorded speech claiming he was working to reconstruct the Afghan military to reverse the Taliban’s nationwide territorial gains throughout the Summer.

A BBC reporter, citing Ambassador to Tajikistan Mohammad Zahir Aghbar, said Ghani reportedly left the country with $169 million of unclear origin. The report supports allegations from Russian officials this week that Ghani rapidly stuffed suitcases with cash upon hearing the news of the Taliban’s arrival and attempted to take so much of it that it did not all fit in the four cars and helicopter that he took with him.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed Wednesday it had allowed Ghani entry into the country on “humanitarian” grounds.

The Afghan news agency Tolo News reported Wednesday that Aghbar had formally requested Interpol “detain Ashraf Ghani” and two other senior officials who fled with him on “charges of stealing public wealth, so that funds could be returned to Afghanistan.” Aghbar also dubiously declared himself the first vice president of the country. – READ MORE


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