Veiled Threat? Boris Tells Public to Get Booster Jab to Save ‘Freedoms and Way of Life’

Boris Johnson appeared to issue a veiled threat to citizens that failing to “get boosted” as a matter of urgency could see their “freedoms” and “way of life” taken away in an address to the nation.

The Prime Minister’s tone throughout the speech was more cajoling than threatening, and he stopped well short of announcing any new restrictions — beyond those already imposed via the implementation of ‘Plan B’ — but comes against a backdrop of many allusions to serious curbs of people’s personal liberty being under consideration, with Johnson even suggesting it is time for a “national conversation” about making vaccination compulsory.  He also closed with what appeared to be a clear threat that, if people do not heed his urgings to “get boosted” in record time in the coming days and weeks, there will be consequences for civil liberties, saying: “Get boosted now for yourself, for your friends and your family; get boosted now to protect jobs and livelihoods across this country; get boosted now to protect our NHS, our freedoms and our way of life.”

The last of these, in particular, would not make any sense without the looming threat of the state depriving people of their “freedoms and way of life” if booster uptake is not to the government’s satisfaction, while the allusion to getting boosted “to protect jobs and livelihoods” may be an allusion to the likely impact of more job-destroying lockdowns on the economy. – READ MORE