U.S. Military Has Not Granted A Single Religious Exemption For COVID Jab Despite Receiving Over 12,000 Requests

Despite receiving over 12,000 requests for a religious exemption from the COVID-19 jab mandate, the U.S. military has yet to grant a single one.

WTRF reported that even though the vast majority of armed forces have gotten their shots, the lack of approvals is still creating tensions in the military as time goes on. Troops who would like religious exemptions have been left puzzled as to why they are even given this option, when they are seemingly impossible to obtain.

The military chaplains have found themselves caught in the middle, having to find the balance between being compassionate and offering guidance along with the need to explain a complicated process that is being shown to be futile in nature.

“So many of them come in thinking that I make the decision, and if they make this case, that it’s a done deal,” said Maj. A’Shellarien Lang, an Army chaplain for the National Guard. “I don’t make the decision. And so when they find that out, it’s a kind of game-changer in the sense that they know that the process has to continue.”

“It’s just been a lot of interviews, a lot of memos,” Lang added. “I find that my colleagues are stressed just because of the logistics of getting the memo done and having to make sure they’re keeping up with the process. It’s like rapid fire.” – READ MORE