The Biden Administration Has Found a Sneaky Way to Compile an Illegal Gun Registry

The Biden administration has made no secret about its desire to insert itself into the lives of Americans as much as possible — especially when it comes to guns.

There aren’t many things that the administration wants more than to enact gun control, and the first step to confiscating guns would be a nationwide gun registry. Think about it: if the feds know who owns what, it’s easier for them to go after otherwise law-abiding gun owners.

Thankfully, the law prohibits the federal government from compiling a gun registry, although some states do have them. That’s not stopping the administration from using executive agencies to gather gun use data in a sneaky way.

Here’s how: the Department of Commerce sends out a census survey called a Commodity Flow Survey every year that ends in 2 or 7.

“The purpose of the survey is to help the federal government understand the flow of commerce to help shape policies regarding transportation and shipping,” explains John Crump at Ammoland. – READ MORE