Senior adviser, multiple press staffers ditch Kamala Harris’ team as VP continues to falter

The mass exodus taking place from Vice President Kamala Harris’ team has now reached all the way to top-level staffers.

Symone Sanders, the vice president’s senior adviser and chief spokesperson, is reportedly expected to leave the White House by the end of the year, Politico reported this week. It’s the latest in a string of departures from Harris’ team as criticism of the vice president continues to grow.

Sanders, who previously served as a senior adviser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, was one of Harris’ “most vocal and public defenders during the first year of her historic vice presidency,” the Washington Post noted. Though the outlet added that Harris’ office “has been beset by concerns about messaging discipline and staff dysfunction.”

In a statement to the Post, a spokesperson for Harris confirmed the news, saying, “Symone has served honorably for three years. The President and Vice President are grateful for Symone’s service and advocacy for this Administration. She is a valued member of the White House and a team player — she will be missed.”- READ MORE