Science mag that warned about danger of leaky vaccines in 2018 posts false editor’s note to cover for COVID shots

Leaky vaccines are worse than no vaccine at all. That is the unmistakable conclusion one would derive from a May 2018 article in Quanta magazine, a top scientific publication, about the unsuccessful attempts to create vaccines for HIV, malaria, and anthrax that aren’t leaky and don’t run the risk of making the pathogens more dangerous.

Yet now that we are seeing such a microbiological Frankenstein play out in real life and people like Dr. Robert Malone have been citing this article to raise red flags about the leaky COVID shots, Quanta magazine took the unprecedented step of slapping an editor’s note on an article three and a half years later to get people to stop applying it to the leakiest vaccine of all time.

But the assertion that the shots reduce transmission is patently false, and the fact that these vaccines indeed don’t stop transmission or reduce viral load makes them the perfect candidate for the nightmare scenario the article’s author, Melinda Wenner Moyer, once warned about.

In order to distract from the failure of the shots to stop transmission, the injection cult focused on their purported ability to protect against severe illness. But as so many more vaccinated became severely ill as well – following like clockwork the timeline of events we witnessed from the leaky Marek’s disease chicken vaccine – they then focused on boosters to distract from the next failure. But any way you slice it, there is no way to run or hide from the fact that these shots have not reduced transmission one iota. In fact, some of the most prolific spreads are happening in places with near-universal vaccination rates among adults, often the most vaccinated region in the country having the highest number of cases per capita.

In many ways, this vaccine is much leakier than even the ones Moyer warned about in 2018. This is why Israel needs to authorize a fourth shot already for those with three shots, just to get them some protection from serious illness. The Pfizer CEO declared this week that in the U.S., “I think we will need a fourth dose.” At least 68 health care workers in a Spanish hospital got the virus despite already having been jabbed three times. 90% of those who recently rested positive on a flight from South Africa to the Netherlands were vaccinated, and all 14 who tested positive for Omicron were vaccinated. And of course, there is no denying the negative efficacy we are seeing on infection rates in the U.K. among the vaccinated. – READ MORE