Pac-12 to require teams to forfeit games if players test positive for COVID-19

The Pac-12 Conference put out a statement on Thursday regarding its forfeiture policy for the 2021-22 college football season. If a team is unable to play due to the coronavirus, they will be forced to forfeit the game, and it will count as a conference loss in the standings.

“The Pac-12 has determined that its prior longstanding game forfeiture rule, that was temporarily modified for this past season due to COVID-19, shall once again be applied for this coming athletic season,” the statement read. “In accordance with that rule, if an institution is unable to play a contest through its own fault, it shall forfeit such contest to its opponent.

The statement continued: “Any forfeited contest shall be regarded as a conference loss for the team making the forfeit and a conference win for its opponent. The Pac-12 rule provides the Commissioner with discretion to determine whether an institution is at fault or primarily at fault for an inability to play a contest based on the facts of the situation.” – READ MORE