More COVID-concerned colleges going remote in early January, or moving start dates back

A number of American universities have either decided to go remote for the early part of the spring semester beginning in January 2022, or in some cases have moved back their actual spring semester start dates for the beginning of next year’s instruction.

Others have told students to stand by for possible announcements about it, citing concerns about the surge of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

That’s according to new emails sent out over the past few days to students and the wider university populations, and according to other university-centric reports as well.

Columbia University in Manhattan, for example, announced this week that its first two weeks of classes for the spring 2022 semester will occur remotely, administration officials said in an email to students and the Columbia University community.

Students will be able to have access to campus before and during the two-week remote period, the school said, but they will be required to follow new testing requirements and safety measures, according to reports.

“This two-week remote learning period is designed to minimize disruptions for students who may be unable to travel or who must isolate because of COVID-19. It will also allow a period for gateway testing of all students prior to the start of in-person classes,” a university email said. – READ MORE