LISTEN: Are Moderna and Pfizer the Next Enrons? Former Blackrock & Hedge Fund Guru Edward Dowd Paints Grim Picture for Big Pharma’s Vax Kings — While Big Insurance Appears Prepped to Go To War With Big Pharma Over Death Payouts

On the Thomas Paine Podcast: Former Blackrock & Hedge Fund Guru Edward Dowd Joins Paine and the Intel Flies, Warning Moderna and mRNA Companies Could Suffer the Fate of Enron; Plus is Big Insurance Prepping to Square Off With Big Pharma Over Life Insurance Payouts Linked to the VAX? Don’t Miss This One.

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  1. Ed mentions 2 ways to “short” mRNA corps

    1. shorting shares, 1st mp3, around min 13
    2. long paper leaks or long data leech? audio garbled, around 13min 24 seconds

    anyone know the second option?