How Global Strikes Play Right Into The Great Reset’s Hands

For the past few months strikes have wrought havoc with the UK’s national infrastructure, and will likely continue to do so well into 2023.

The run-up to Christmas saw postal strikes for the UK’s Royal Mail service.

Throughout the second half of 2022, transport strikes were routine. There’s one happening today that has effectively shut down all train journeys.

There’s a possibility of a teachers’ strike later this month, that would see kids sent home from school. Nurses went on strike in December, and will likely do so again this month

It’s not just the UK either. Strikes in several sectors took place all across Western Europe in December and into early January so far.

New York’s nurses are ready to go on strike next week, and Minnesota nurses only narrowly avoided a strike last month.

It was only Joe Biden’s presidential overreach that prevented a nation-wide rail workers’ strike just before Christmas.READ MORE