High school punishes seniors not vaccinated against COVID-19 by banning them from attending graduation ceremony

A California high school punished senior students who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 by banning them from walking in their graduation ceremony.

Granada Hills Charter High School is holding its graduation ceremony on Thursday. Unfortunately for 70 students in the graduating class of about 1,100 seniors, they will not walk with their classmates because they are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Last fall, Granada Hills Charter announced a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students and staff, following the lead of the Los Angeles Unified School District. But while LAUSD has repeatedly delayed enforcing its mandate (now July 2023 at the earliest), Granada Hills Charter officials chose to enforce theirs.

Since the beginning of the spring semester, students not vaccinated against COVID-19 have been barred from attending class on campus, and seniors have been blocked from senior prom, senior awards day, and other school events. – READ MORE