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    State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita Has TGP Reporter Removed From Trump Rally And ARRESTED after She is Booed Off Stage (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/state-senator-michelle-ugenti-rita-tgp-reporter-removed-trump-rally-arrested-booed-off-stage-video/

    Early preliminary results are pointing to 74,232 ballots.

    It’s Cockroach Hotel thing. The ballots were checked in and counted, but they were never checked out.

    Out of thin air, ‘the safest, securest, election in history’ 74,232 ballots just came out of thin air.

    The forensic audit is cutting edge and a new thing! The operation was set up by a eccentric genius from Stanford. His name is Jovan Pulitzer and he has over 200 patents to his name.

    The forensic audit has been fresh air amazing. No leaks, everything transparent, fair dinkum. Open to both Democrats and Republicans, volunteers were background checked, and color coded into teams.

    The forensic audit will cover all the bases, but the “paper ballots” have been highlighted. They have discovered the many things, like remember the “Sharpie thing?” The votes were counted but they seemed to have gone to ‘adjudication,’ because the Sharpie pen screwed the ballot scan.

    Gateway Pundit making a move. Their comment section is old school, conservative, Republican, It’s pretty free and open.

    A <font face=”inherit”>VPN could cause you trouble. A heated conversation gives you the option to ‘block.’ There are some donkey trolls but mostly a </font>Republican<font face=”inherit”> crowd. </font>

    <font face=”inherit”>Here’s the skinny. The Legislature, House of Reps, and Senate is in </font>Republican<font face=”inherit”> hands, but it’s </font>squeaky tight. Republicans have a 2 vote advantage in the house, and a 1 vote advantage in the Senate.

    The Republicans have two rogue members holding things up. The Routers have still not been handed over, and it would be comfortable if 100% Republicans can stick together on the issue of Election Integrity.

    These honorable Republicans seem to be holding up the arrest warrants the Senate have drafted, from going out.

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