German Chancellor Scholz Accused of Comparing Climate Crazies to Nazis

The leftist Chancellor of Germany has been accused of comparing radical climate change activists to the Nazis after he criticised black bloc protesters who attempted to disrupt a panel discussion.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz condemned far-left activists clad in Antifa-style black block gear for trying to break up a talk in Stuttgart, Germany at which he was invited to attend as a speaker.

Scholz described the protest as “theatrically practiced,” saying per DW: “I have to say honestly, these antics, staged at various events but always by the same black-clad people, remind me of an era that is, thank God, long past.”

The chancellor added that the protesters should participate in the discussion rather than attempting to “manipulate an event to serve one’s own purposes.”

While the leftist German leader did not specify which historical organisation he was comparing the eco-warriors to, over the weekend, climate activist Luisa Neubauer posted footage of the incident and accused Scholz of comparing them to the Nazis.- READ MORE