FRANCE: Public Must ‘Immediately’ Cut Energy Usage to Curb Threat to ‘Political Cohesion’ – Energy Companies

Energy companies in France have told the public that they must “immediately” reduce their energy usage as a result of Europe’s sanction war with Russia.

As a result of a sanctions war between Russia and Europe, the French public must now “immediately” cut back on the amount of energy they use, the heads of three major energy providers in the country have now said.

The demand comes shortly after Moscow dramatically reduced the amount of gas it is supplying to some European countries, while completely cutting off others seemingly in retaliation for sanctions imposed on Russia by Western powers.

According to a joint statement penned by the three energy tsars published by Le Journal De Dimanche, the extremely precarious energy situation now means that the French public must “immediately” cut back on their energy usage, or risk leaving the country in a vulnerable situation. – READ MORE