Federal Judge Blocks Biden Admin’s Termination Of Title 42

With Title 42 – the Trump-era border management policy that allowed officials to quickly expel foreign nationals at the border due to health concerns – due to end on Monday (as part of the Biden admin’s overhaul of the immigration system – that is clearly working so well), a Federal Judge from Louisiana issued a temporary restraining order blocking the Biden admin from terminating the Trump-era policy.

As we detailed previously, U.S. District Judge Robert Summerhays, a Trump appointee, announced on April 25 his intent to enter a temporary restraining order that forces the administration to keep enforcing Title 42.

He delayed the actual decision because he took issue with some of the language proposed by the states, and out of a desire to ensure the order doesn’t interfere with the “legitimate use of law enforcement discretion” afforded to immigration enforcement officials. He offered that he wanted the order to, “in the least disruptive way” address the states’ concerns.

Summerhays directed the parties to confer and try to reach an agreement on certain issues and, if they couldn’t, he said they would hold another status conference to hammer out the differences.- READ MORE