Fauci: US Likely Won’t Go Into Lockdown Over COVID-19 Delta Variant

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases chief Dr. Anthony Fauci on Aug. 1 signaled that the White House doesn’t want to reimplement COVID-19 lockdowns amid a surge in cases of the Delta variant, amid conflicting messaging from top administration officials in recent days.

There has been speculation that lockdowns and stay-at-home orders may be reimposed after President Joe Biden told reporters on July 30 that the United States “in all probability” will see more lockdowns. But a White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, said on the same day that U.S. officials don’t anticipate another lockdown on the horizon.

Speaking on ABC News’ “This Week” on Aug. 1, Fauci appeared to agree with Jean-Pierre’s assessment.

“I don’t think we’re going to see lockdowns. I think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country, not enough to crush the outbreak, but I believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter.”

Fauci, however, predicted “things are going to get worse,” claiming “an outbreak of the unvaccinated.” – READ MORE