Days After Federal Mask Mandate Lifted, In-Air Unruly Passenger Incidents Plunge

It’s amazing what happens when you stop forcing people to wear masks.

After several years where in-air confrontations and unruly passengers became the norm for air travel, with most disputes arising over people wearing or not wearing masks, incidents have started to level off now that masks are no longer required.

It’s almost as if people don’t like being micromanaged…

The unruly passenger rate has fallen for the second week in a row, Bloomberg noted this morning, following the April 18 decision by a judge to end mask mandates on U.S. airlines and mass transportation.

The FAA reported 2.1 unruly incidents per 10,000 flights in week ending May 1, Bloomberg reported. This is the lowest rate since cases started surging in early 2021 with, again, a “majority” of those cases related to the federal mask mandate.- READ MORE