Cuba Tells Farmers to Use Human Urine as Fertilizer

A Cuban state-run newspaper recently promoted an article touting the alleged benefits of using human urine as an agricultural fertilizer, the independent website Cubanet reported on Wednesday.

A publication called 5 de Septiembre, which is the official government-run newspaper of Cuba’s Cienfuegos province, recently “shared an article suggesting that Cubans fertilize crops with human urine,” Cubanet relayed on May 11.

“As has happened on other occasions with different [Cuban] state media, September 5 republished an article shared by a foreign media outlet, in this case Agence France-Presse (AFP), which on April 28 published [an article titled] ‘Human Urine, an Unexpected but Effective and Less Polluting Fertilizer,” the Cuban news website detailed.

“It should be noted that September 5 does not refer to the original source of the article (AFP), but to the [online news] portal Gestión, from Peru, which reproduced it in full two days later,” clarified.- READ MORE