CNBC Mocked for ‘Embarrassing’ Claim Mortgage Rates Hitting LGBTQ Homebuyers ‘Especially Hard’

The rise in home costs has posed a challenge in purchasing homes for LGBTQ community members in particular, according to a recent CNBC real estate piece that drew ridicule for its misleading nature and “virtue signaling.”

The Sunday essay, titled “‘I can’t win in this market’: Why LGBTQ homebuyers say mortgage rates are hitting them especially hard,” and written by CNBC reporter Jesse Pound, begins by discussing “a gay man living in the Los Angeles area” named Skandar Mrad who seeks to become a homeowner.

Though Mrad wishes to live within five miles of his job, he found “that may not be realistic in a hyper-competitive market.”

With the Federal Reserve hiking its benchmark interest rate and mortgage rates soaring, the situation has “led to rapid changes in what Mrad might have to pay.” – READ MORE