CDC Data Shows ‘Worrying Drop’ in Vaccine Efficacy over Time

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has demonstrated what anonymous administration officials described to Politico as a “worrying drop” in coronavirus vaccine efficacy over time, leading to the Biden administration’s conclusion to push vaccine booster shots.

“This is what moved the needle,” a senior Biden administration official said to Politico of the CDC’s report.

According to the outlet, the data looked at the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines at different points in time and found a “decline in the initial round of protection against Covid-19 [Chinese coronavirus] infection that’s coincided with a resurgence in cases driven by the more contagious Delta variant.”

The data, which the White House Covid-19 task force reviewed Sunday, is expected to become public this week. As a result, the Biden administration is expected to roll out its plan to push booster shots for fully vaccinated Americans, but details are still being worked out, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs authorize the booster shots. Notably, the FDA has not formally authorized any of the vaccines. Rather, they are all operating under emergency use authorizationREAD MORE


  1. If there was an ounce of honesty left in the Executive branch the HHS would be working through networks to dispense ivermectin to everyone in the US. It is the Sunday Sunday drug in much of Africa and guess what? Those regions in Africa have almost no COVID. Taken as a prophylactic, people in those regions take it every Sunday to avoid malaria and other parasitic diseases.. and now against COVID.