California Senate Passes Bill To Create “Fast Food Council” With Wage-Setting Power

The California Senate on Monday voted to create a “Fast Food Council” that would have the authority to set minimum wages and issue safety, health and anti-discrimination regulations.  

The 10-member council, which would include four worker representatives, four employer representatives and two state officials, would have the authority to increase California’s fast-food minimum wage to as much as $22 in 2023.

California’s minimum wage is $15 today, and is scheduled to rise to $15.50 on Jan. 1. The board — 40% of which would be worker reps — would thus be empowered to institute a 42% minimum-wage hike. Thereafter, the cap would rise by the smaller of the consumer price index or 3.5%.

Any California store that’s part of a chain with at least 100 outlets nationwide would be subject to the Fast Food Council’s edicts. There are over a half-million fast food workers in the state.- READ MORE