Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis Is So Bad Parents Are Fleeing To Mexico To Feed Their Kids

As parents in the United States struggle to keep their babies fed, citizens have started fleeing to south of the border for help.

Parents and grandparents at the local Costco in Tijuana told Fox News that they are traveling there to purchase the baby formula that is impossible to find in the states. “Right here in Tijuana, it seems that there are plenty of it,” one shopper told Fox News.

“I haven’t had problems,” a mother said, “but I know a lot of moms from a Facebook group who live in the U.S.A., and they are like crazy trying to get the milk. A lot of them come to Tijuana to buy.”

While American parents go “crazy trying to get the milk,” Biden has shipped pallets and pallets of formula to the border for illegal immigrants crossing into the US.

Despite the Biden administration’s Operation Fly Formula having imported two mass shipments of formula from Europe, American parents are still having a hard time finding the products on the shelves of their grocery stores. Last week, about 120,000 pounds of formula was brought to the US from Ramstein Air Base in Germany. A few days before that, 78,000 pounds of specialty formula designed for infants with allergies was brought in.- READ MORE