Apple exec says she was placed on leave after raising sexism concerns, other workplace issues

An Apple senior engineering program manager said she was placed on indefinite administrative leave Wednesday after raising concerns about sexism, a hostile work environment and unsafe working conditions.

Ashley M. Gjøvik told The Verge she asked Apple to mitigate the hostile work environment while they investigate” the claims she had been bringing up for months and they offered her therapy through the Employee Assistance Program or medical leave.

“I told them that made no sense, and said they should talk to my leadership and set up oversight and boundaries,” she said. “I added that if there was no other option they could give me paid administrative leave. They apparently made no effort to set boundaries and instead said they were placing me on administrative leave and implied they did not want me on Slack where I had been vocal about my concerns with certain policies at the company.”

She added the company implied she shouldn’t meet one-on-one with other female Apple employees to discuss their concerns about similar issues. – READ MORE