Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Concerned About Privacy as Company Keeps Making Creepy Tech

Speaking at the Time 100 Summit, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out about privacy and his stance against surveillance. Despite his supposed concerns about privacy, Apple continues to produce creepy surveillance capitalism technology ranging from AirTags used in stalking to a new smartwatch design featuring a camera.

9to5Mac reports that during a recent interview at the Time 100 Summit, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed his beliefs around user privacy. Cook has previously discussed this topic in-depth and said that he believes a loss of privacy results in a loss of freedom.

Speaking on Data Privacy Day in February, Cook said: “If we accept as normal and unavoidable that everything in our lives can be aggregated and sold, we lose so much more than data, we lose the freedom to be human.”

In April he added to this sentiment, stating: “[There are two possible futures.] One where technology unlocks humanity’s full creative potential, and ushers in a new era of possibility. The other where technology is exploited to rob humanity of that which is foundational: our privacy itself. And that is a loss we cannot accept… A world without privacy is less imaginative, less empathetic, less innovative, less human.”


Despite Cook’s concerns about a loss of privacy, Apple has patented a new smartwatch design that features a camera. The camera could allow users to take pictures of others without their knowledge, seemingly the type of privacy invasion Cook is concerned about.

Other Apple products also have created invasions of privacy. The Apple AirTag tracking device has been used to stalk people, as cases are piling up around the country.- READ MORE