Yes, You are in a COVID-19 Vaccine Database

Just like with anything else, you learn a lot when you read the small print.

I was recently doing some research on Michigan’s Vaccine Lottery called “MI Shot to Win” Sweepstakes where people who got the COVID-19 vaccination on December 1, 2020 or later could be entered into the contest.

At the end of the rules that I found online, their document said that “vaccination status must be reported to the state of Michigan” and that the information would be verified against the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) database.

I had not ever heard of this database so I looked it up. Apparently it was created in 1998 to keep track of the immunizations of children for the purposes of being allowed to start school. However, in 2006, a change to the Michigan Health Code, allowed the database to become a “lifespan registry” to include people of all ages.

So this information led me to look into other states. Yep, sure enough, every state I looked into had some sort of vaccine database keeping information on everyone.

Then I thought….hm….who is sending my vaccine information to them without my knowledge? 

Since a large number of us have gotten the vaccines from our pharmacies, yep, that was the perfect place to look into – Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, etc. – READ MORE