‘Woke’ Gen. Mark Milley, in July: ‘Afghan Security Forces Have the Capacity to … Defend Their Country’

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told reporters less than four weeks before the Taliban entered Kabul that the local military was fully capable of defending Afghanistan from the insurgent Islamic terrorist militia.

In a press conference on July 21, Milley said:

General Miller and his team, along with CENTCOM and many others in the joint force, have paved the path for a safe, orderly and responsible transition.

The Afghan Security Forces have the capacity to sufficiently fight and defend their country, and we will continue to support the Afghan Security Forces where necessary in accordance with the guidance from the president and the secretary of defense.

The future of Afghanistan is squarely in the hands of the Afghan people, and there are a range of possible outcome in Afghanistan. And I want to emphasis repeatedly, and I’ve said this before, a negative outcome, a Taliban automatic military takeover, is not a forgone conclusion. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and make adjustments as necessary.

Milley has become notorious recently for his obeisance to the political left. Last June, he apologized for accompanying President Donald Trump on a walk through Lafayette Square, as officials struggled to restore order to the nation’s capital.- READ MORE